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Women’s Bootcamp

We offer a Boot Camp reserved specifically for women that want to get an intense workout without any distractions from kids and men! We know it’s hard for you to push…

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Women’s Kickboxing

This class is perfect for women that want to get a tough workout while learning proper strikes.  Unlike other kickboxing classes in Orlando, all of our kickboxing…


Our Yoga class is unique to the area because we focus on improving strength and athleticism, not just flexibility. Our curriculum combines the stretching and breathing…

Here at ATT Longwood, we have created the most diverse set of classes that are guaranteed to get you in shape in an exciting way. We have 3 types of women’s classes that all target different training goals that you may have. This ensures that your workouts are fresh, so that you don’t get bored with your training and your body doesn’t get used to your routine.

Our Fitness classes consist of Boot Camp, Kickboxing and Yoga. Boot Camp increases strength and muscle definition, Kickboxing greatly improves your endurance and Yoga specializes in flexibility, however all 3 work hand in hand so that your are improving all of these aspects in each class!