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If you’ve decided you want to learn Muay Thai there are some things you need to know.

As with anything life there are the good apples and the bad apples.

The question you need to ask is who you want to learn from?

At American Top Team, we take pride in our instructors and the high level of experience each of them has in their respected arts.

Muay Thai is no exception.

As MMA explodes as the new, hot martial art, Muay Thai is often included in the winning combination of fight skills with BJJ, wrestling, and boxing. The problem we find is that some schools are just trying to “hop on the bandwagon” instead of teaching real Muay Thai.

So these are some things you will want to look for in your quest to learning the Thai art.

Make sure your teacher is a qualified instructor that teaches real Muay Thai.

A seasoned martial artists who may know another style can go online and look at basic Muay Thai techniques, throw them in his arsenal and call himself a Muay Thai instructor.

But it’s not that simple. And at American Top Team our instructors have the best training available. We work with real Muay Thai veterans from around the world, guys with 60 or 70 fights under their belt and years of experience teaching.

Who would you rather learn from?

A Martial arts instructor who learned a few techniques online or at a seminar?

Or a seasoned Muay Thai Veteran with years of experience in the art?

I think the choice is simple.

The second thing you need to look out for is the quality of people in your prospective school.

You will want to make sure to interview your new Muay Thai instructor to make sure they embody the class and humilty to teach the art.

Joining an MMA gym that just focuses and aggression, and technique second isn’t a place someone can thrive and advance.

Good quality schools will not only be a great place to learn, they will be filled with students and teachers who want to help you learn, progress and become a better person.

A good school doesn’t just have people who want to “beat each other down” it’s filled with a family of guys and gals trying to get better together and strive for their own personal goals.

Why American Top Team?

At American Top Team we embody this philosophy in our school, teachers, and students.

On one hand we have the most qualified instructors but we also provide the best environment possible for you to learn Muay Thai and advance your techniques.

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