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When you are ready to push yourself to your limits and find out what you are made of, it’s time to get involved in the best Orlando Martial Arts School Around… American Top Team Longwood

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So you’ve decided to take on the path of the warrior and become involved in the Orlando Martial Arts scene?

At this point you’ve probably realized that there are many different schools, many different styles, and many different philosophies in Orlando.

The first thing you need to decide is what Orlando Martial Art is right for you…

This is a difficult decision. But there is a simple decision that can be made when looking for the perfect school

First – Decide whether you want to learn self-defense and combative martial arts, or whether you want to learn an art based martial art that only teaches flowing movements based on meditation and relaxation.

If you picked self-defense and combative martial arts then American Top Team Longwood is the best Orlando Martial Arts school available.

I’ll be honest there are a few things in the Martial Arts industry that you need to look out for.

  • Instructors with no real world experience
  • Instructors who got their black belt from a “McDojo”
  • and Schools falsely advertising their curriculum.

The first thing you need to look out for are schools with no real world experience.

In real life you need to be able to protect yourself with effective techniques and theory. You need to protect yourself from muggers, rapists, or any other type of criminal.

To do this you have to have effective techniques that are easy, quick and most importantly they work!

Learning techniques that have no place on the street will only get you hurt.

The second thing you need to look out for (and my biggest pet peeve) is the “McDojo” black belt.

McDojo’s are any martial arts school that awards belts based on classes attended versus real skill and proficiency.

This type of school became popularized in the 80’s and 90’s. They were handing out black belts and expanding their schools for the sole purpose of business. Not expanding proficient students and top quality Orlando Martial Arts

I was at a local MMA competition that this was evident in. A local “black belt” went up against a person taught efficient attacking techniques based on muay thai and boxing.

Now I think any person really “earning” a black belt is a great thing. But if the person was made a black belt before they were ready then they shouldn’t have been in the ring. The person was knocked out in short order because he wasn’t being taught by a qualified instructor. Just because someone is awarded a black belt doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about.

Heck, I can give my Grandma a black belt, but that doesn’t mean she can defend herself.
You need a teacher who will only advance you when you are ready. Someone who will be realistic in the application of technique because they’ve been there before. Someone who has actually been in a competitive fight or been in a life or death situation and survived.
Most instructor’s haven’t had either.

Who would you rather trust? A mixed martial artist with 20 full-contact fights based on striking, kicking, and submissions with real risk or an instructor awarded a black belt on his 3rd year of training (because he “payed” his dues) and maybe doing a few competitions along the way?
I’m gonna put my life in the hands of the MMA practitioner hands down.

The last thing you want to look out for are schools that falsely advertise their curriculum.

Because MMA is becoming more popular in Orlando you need to look out for schools who advertise Mixed Martial Arts who aren’t really teaching MMA.

This is a very prevalent problem in the Orlando Martial Arts community. Teachers just “jumping on the band wagon” instead of real qualified people teaching MMA.

Most of the “fakers” are just points traditional martial arts in an MMA wrapper. If you want to avoid being duped by these guys, make sure you’re instructors have real world experience

So what’s the solution?

American Top Team Longwood, Fl.

The ultimate Orlando Martial Arts school.

Not only are the instructors qualified and experienced fighters with real world experience. They don’t advance you until you are ready.

They know what it takes to be in a fight because they are regularly involved in competitive bouts.
They can teach you to handle your adrenaline and get used to being in a fight. They can teach you efficient skills that actually work. Not fancy jump kicks that will never work on the street in a self-defense situation.

So what would you rather put your Orlando Martial Arts training in the hands of?

A McDojo black belt school?

Or a real fighter who’s been in the ring, lost and won full-contact events, and even experiencing real life or death situations?

I think the answer is simple.

And the best part?

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