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Are You Ready to Learn The Ground Art That Has Taken The World By Storm? American Top Team Longwood is the perfect location to start your Orlando BJJ journey.

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With the emerging popularity of Mixed Martial Arts in Orlando and around the world it’s no wonder you’ve made it to this site.

You’ve decided to find the ultimate Orlando BJJ School and you’ve come to the right place.
But what makes a school great?

That’s a tough question and ultimately it’s a personal discovery.

And it’s start with the question of why you want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Do you want to be the next MMA star in the UFC?

Do want to enhance your current Martial Arts skills with a dominating ground art?

Or maybe you’ve been fascinated with the MMA fighters on TV and want to learn for yourself?

There are so many reasons to learn BJJ and there are no wrong answers (unless its just to beat people up – that’s not the reason we teach BJJ in Orlando).

But the problem with the current MMA and BJJ industry is that there are so many emerging schools popping up that it’s hard to find a quality one with great instructors.

It’s happened before.

Back when Karate Kid was released there was a huge boom for Karate Schools. And out of the wood-work came the “McDojo”.

Only there to get your money and teach you a lesser and watered down version of the art because the people teaching weren’t really qualified.

This is also happening to the wonderful sport of MMA.

SO YOU NEED to do your homework!

What is a schools lineage?

Who are the main instructors and their personal history?

How long did it take for them to get their brown or black belt and from whom?

All these questions are important in finding the best Orlando BJJ school.

You need to look out for people with fake or misleading histories. If they make promises that you will get your black belt in short order that’s a red flag that probably indicates they aren’t a quality school.
Getting your black belt takes years of hard work and dedicated competition. It doesn’t just happen over night.

And also watch out for 3 year contracts that promise to make you into a black belt in that time. This is still a huge problem in martial arts and it’s what happens when people are only concerned with making money, not providing a superior service.

The second thing to look out for is a school advertising they teach BJJ when in all honesty they are teaching a combination of other grappling techniques.

This is the second problem with a lot of today’s MMA schools. They advertise a curriculum with Muay Thai, Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but they don’t have experience with each art individually.
If they are lumping all these arts together and teaching BJJ as part of their curriculum and not on its own, then they aren’t teaching real BJJ.

So make sure you do your homework.

Or you can just join American Top Team Longwood.

We have dedicated BJJ instructors and have the best MMA gym in Orlando. We always operate with your goals and needs in mind and put the customer first.

If you are looking for a down to earth team of teachers and students, who are all trying to make each other better and advance their techniques and skills in MMA then we are the best Orlando BJJ and MMA School around.

That’s why you can come try us out for FREE! We’ll prove it to you.

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