Martial Arts

Orlando Martial Arts
People join Martial Arts schools for various reasons and not every martial artist has the same goals.  Some want to compete, some want a fun way to get in shape, and others want to learn self defense skills.  Come to the one school that can help you meet all of your training goals… American Top Team Longwood

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Orlando MMA
Some schools teach striking and some schools teach grappling.  We are the only school in the Orlando area that can legitimately teach striking, grappling and MMA.  Also, we are the only school that has MMA classes for all levels.

Luigi GNP

Kids Program

Orlando Kids MMA

Enroll your kids in the only Kids Martial Arts program in Orlando that teaches striking and grappling in a comprehensive MMA program.

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Seminole County After School Martial Arts Program

We also offer an after school Martial Arts program with FREE pickup to select schools in Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, and Winter Springs.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Orlando Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
We strive to be a well rounded and progressive BJJ academy.  We teach the innovative submissions of Gracie Jiujitsu and combine it with world class wrestling and takedowns.

Din Gi

Other BJJ Schools in Orlando
There are several highly respected BJJ schools in the Orlando area.  Come see how we are different and why we may be a better fit for you!

Muay Thai (Kickboxing)

Orlando Muay Thai
Come see why most modern day martial artists choose Muay Thai as their primary striking art.  We have the most ideal curriculum in the area that separates classes based on our students’ training goals.  We have classes that are geared towards fitness, classes that are ideal for self defense and classes that suit those that want to step into the ring!

Jose knee

Fitness Classes

Orlando Fitness Classes 

Tired of the treadmill!  You will have fun getting in shape while taking these classes.  It’s hard to stay motivated during a workout if you are bored or if you don’t have anyone to push you.  Our classes are filled with fun exercises and are taught by energetic instructors that will push you just enough.  Just like our martial arts classes, our fitness program is diverse and you can never get bored because we have so much to offer.  Such as:

Yoga Fitness

Women’s Boot Camp

Women’s Kickboxing


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