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You’ve just discovered American Top Team Longwood, Orlando’s premier location for Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness. We are just minutes away from Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Lake Mary and Maitland


”  I look at that photo and honestly think to myself, “Never again…”. I also think to myself that if I was able to drop about 30-35 lbs; and my friends have been able to do even MORE than that, then nobody has ANY excuses. It wasn’t easy to do that, but with a 100% utter belief in YOURSELF and HARD WORK…anybody can achieve anything physically…”




Do you want to be an MMA star or fight in the UFC?

Or are you looking to get in shape and have great self-defense skills?

Or maybe you are sick of being intimidated by “Big Guys” and “Bullies” and want confidence in yourself?

From: Joe Pernia
Manager of ATT Longwood
Orlando’s Top MMA Gym
(407) 679-6621

To our Future Students,

Here at American Top Team Longwood, we are committed to providing the ultimate MMA learning experience in Orlando.In 2002, American Top Team was founded in Coconut Creek, Florida by former World Champion Ricardo Liborio, Conan Silvera and Marcelo Silvera. At the time, Mixed Martial Arts, as a sport, was still relatively new and most people (including most martial artists) didn’t know what it takes to be successful in the sport. Ricardo Liborio was one of the few people that was already an expert, and he formed this team with the desire to teach the amazing techniques and innovative concepts that have helped develop Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) into the complex and amazing sport that it is today. Since then, American Top Team has always been dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best and most authentic MMA learning experience, and now we are in your backyard, whether you live in Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Casselberry, Lake Mary, Maitland and other cities in the Orlando area.


I GUARANTEE you will have an amazing experience at American Top Team by reaching your Fitness, MMA, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Wrestling goals or I’ll give you your money back…because if you don’t reach your goals with us I don’t want your money!

How Can I make such a bold guarantee?

My hand selected trainers are the best in the industry and you’ll see we avoid all the problems you are going to find with other Orlando MMA schools.

What are the Problems Arising in the MMA Industry?

  1. Weaknesses in Competition by “One Size Fits All” Martial Arts training
  2. People getting hurt left and right by fighters with more experience and huge egos
  3. Teachers with ZERO fight experience…How can you learn from someone who’s never been there before?
  4. Kids learning from unqualified teachers – Leaving kids to be super aggressive or not knowing how to protect themselves

The Solution?
American Top Team Longwood, FL

  1. Learn and Train with the Best! We have the best teachers in the industry with real fight experience but with great teaching skills as well! Don’t leave your training to just anyone. You want to train with the best so you can become the best.
  2. Learn Multiple Arts from Respected Masters! We have dedicated Martial arts training including Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and MMA we don’t just teach a mix, we have experience in each individual art leaving you with little to no weakness as a Complete Martial Artist.
  3. No More Unnecessary Injuries! We have classes for Beginners and Advanced! So you train at the level you need and not at someone else’s. Don’t miss out on our progressive program.
  4. No More Schools With Zero Track Record – We have a proven track record to the UFC with our Nationally Recognized Team. (one of the top 5 according to Dana White, UFC President)
  5. No More Egos and Crazy Attitudes. We ARE NOT just a bunch of aggressive fighters looking to hurt people. We do this for the passion and advancement of our sport. We don’t want to train with agressive fighters that have no self-control so we don’t foster that environment in our school. We focus on a positive environment with a great team attitude.
  6. Stop Bullying For Good! – Our Anti-Bullying Program is the best in the region and has been the gold standard for teaching our children responsible behavior for dealing with bullies. Our instructors are the leading experts in the field and have been featured heavily in the media. Find grown-ups first, defend your-self always. Our Longwood location also offers an After School Martial Arts Program and Summer Camp that is ideal for parents’ that want their children to have productive days filled with exercise and character building activities. Our After School Martial Arts Program provides FREE pickup to local schools in Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Winter Springs and other schools in Seminole County.

But don’t just take our word for it, Check out what your neighbors and community members are saying…

“Helped Ryan Reach a 4-0 Record in the IKF”
“Since this video Ryan has improved his record to an amazing 10-0 in Muay Thai and won the 2011 IKF World Classic Championship”

“Came in at 226 lb and got down to 197 lb”

“Changed His Life”

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